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We are Producers + Storytellers + Culture Builders + Catalysts.




SELVA SAGRADA was founded on the ethos of keeping all that is wild and raw in us sacred. 

We believe in lifting up and supporting people and projects that are creating awareness about community building. The game changers that know how to honor the Earth and the individual integrity it takes to live fully to one's truth and the understanding that we are all One, first and foremost. 

That's our number one filter through which we strive to make our moves in every production we get involved with.

We are a team of three sisters born and raised in Venezuela. Now citizens of the world, we have been shaken by cultures and circumstances that have ignited a fire to do more than just exist.

In a world dominated by an extreme amount of unbalanced male energy,

SELVA SAGRADA exists to celebrate and encourage the female energy inside men and women, to bring upon a more whole view on every step we take. 

Join us in our journey and let's create more of the good stuff together!


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